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Business Networking Fundamentals (Get More Clients Without Advertising)

I needed customers and was told, "network - you'll get more business." So I attended networking events, joined the chamber of commerce, and spent many hours at business mixers.

Th referrals did not materialize. I felt like I wasted all my time and money. But I saw others being successful at networking.

What was I doing wrong?

I studied business networking and researched the science of how we connect. I created a system that gave me a method to build a network of the right people. When I used that method, I got more referral business than I could handle.

When I taught others and they used my system - they got great results. I teach you the fundamental of my system in this course.

You Have Everything You Need To Get All The Clients You Can Handle Using the Most Effective Marketing Tool

Freelancers, Solopreneurs, and Small Business Owners can source and sign clients without running traditional or digital ads. You can find referral sources without writing a book, having a webinar, or producing a podcast. I’ve built my business without having a stunning logo, clever tagline, or award-winning website.

Our best customers came from referrals, by word-of-mouth (from our networks).

All too often I see small businesses paying money to people that don’t understand their business to produce podcasts, advertising, or make social media posts. It’s often hundreds or thousands of dollars going out with nothing to show for the expense.

Then I ask how they get most of their clients: Word of Mouth. Most freelance professionals, solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses get the majority of their customers from referrals.

What is the reasoning for spending money that brings no sales?

Customers and Clients: The life blood of the Freelance Professional, Solo Entrepreneur, and Small Business. All around the web you’ll find solutions on how to get more customers: Run Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads or Ads on Tik Tok. You need to build a sales funnel, have a website that converts, create a podcast, write a book, get speaking gigs, or buy billboards that have a clear call-to action. 

These solutions were designed for large businesses and corporate accounts. They spend thousands of dollars a month or each day. They are trying to attract hundreds and thousands of prospects.

Those of us that are small businesses don’t need hundreds of clients; we need to find a few each month. There is something we can learn from these big company systems, there is a formula – and it works!

It’s a troubled world out there and those people have problems.

They need the solution you have to offer. What we find alluring about those models is simplicity. We hear, “advertise and make money”, “host a podcast and make money”, or “write a book and make money”. Truth is, getting clients takes work – plenty of hard work.

Here’s what every formula has in common: provide a solution to someone’s problem, let the right people know about it, and make money. That’s all there is, and it’s not complicated. Present a solution to the right audience of potential customers, then close the deal and solve their problem.

I mentioned you have everything you need to get as many clients as you can serve. So what’s the secret? Your professional business network is your secret weapon to succeed.

You need clients and your network is full of potential clients. The problem is that many of us need to apply a system to our networking efforts. We also have been taught that to network we have to attend events or learn to play golf – these might help make a specific connection, but using your professional network is more than just events.

What you'll get:

  • Full access to the video course (11 modules)
  • Four Bonus Modules
  • Business Networking Fundamentals Handbook (download)

After completing the full course, you will:

  • Know how to intentionally manage your network to get referrals
  • How to have your existing customers help you get more clients
  • Grow your perfect network



* I offer a 7-day no-risk trial. If this is not the right course for you, let me know and I'll refund 100% of the course fee.

Nice Words from Good People

Scott was very helpful & showed me just what I needed. Thanks, Scott, for your concern & assistance! I highly recommend him - he truly cares.

Kristin S

Scott has been invaluable to me. Starting a small business has been challenging, to say the least. Scott has been a constant source of support and good advice for me. He has advised me in all aspects of my company, from price setting and inventory control, to issues that have manifested as the business has grown. He is very thoughtful and well informed about new business trends and opportunities, while being very traditional about customer service and value - exactly what a growing service business needs. I recommend Scott very highly and look forward to many more years of association.

Sheri P

I met Scott through the Virtual Global Tea Break back in May of 2020. In 3 short months Scott and I have forged a great relationship online sharing ideas, advice and networking. I have been very fortunate to have created some great connections through Scott. He is a man of high standard and integrity. He would be a huge mentoring asset to any business.

David B

I cannot say enough awesome things about D. Scott Smith! He is not only a skilled Motivational Listener, he is a highly skilled networker, continuously building community and helping others! He is skilled in Social Media Marketing and helping others to achieve their true potential. He has been a friend, mentor, and partner in my business development, and I truly appreciate him! Thank you Scott!

Russ H

Scott is fabulous! With his vast knowledge and proven track record, he's a valuable resource for any business wanting to get on the path to success!

Melissa M

Scott is a business learning leader in our community. He pays it forward all the time. A remarkable individual who can help you clarify what you already have within you to succeed.

Linda B

When we met he was focused on a local startup he helped to build. More recently he's focused on helping other entrepreneurs and business owners get through the day, with special emphasis on networking. I recommend him and his work highly.

Laura B