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Are Your Goals Fulfilling Your Dreams

Dreams – Goals – Plans

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We hear about goals and how they should be S.M.A.R.T. Goals help us measure progress – but to what end? In Michael Hyatt’s book “The Vision Driven Leader”.  Hyatt states that a vision “…is a clear, inspiring, practical, and attractive picture of your organization’s future.”

Vision is not a goal. Goals help you achieve your vision – or as I often call it – your Dream. Goals keep track and help us fulfill the dream. A clear vision and goals to achieve your dream will be supported or hindered by habits.

In “Atomic Habits” by James Clear the author states, “Goals are good for setting direction, but systems are best for making progress.”

I have used many planning and organization systems over the years – both paper and electronic. None were quite what I needed, so like any entrepreneur, I made my own. I will make a version available to download.

I designed this planner for freelance professionals, solo entrepreneurs, and small business owners – so I call my planner “The Independent Planner”. In this system I provide a system to:

      •    Describe your dream
      •    State why this dream is important to you
      •    List the steps you need to reach your dream
      •    The goals you have to meet to achieve your dream
      •    List your habits that
             o    Support your goals and dream
             o    Inhibit your goals and dream

The Independent Planner guides you in identifying  your dreams, set the steps to fulfill your dream, and the goals you need to achieve and succeed in fulfilling your dream.

Research tells us we should not focus on more than four goals at a time. We also know that our calendar is a clear expression of our values – we make time for what is important to us. I have my coaching clients audit their calendar to see if where they are spending time aligns with their stated values and goals.

There is a section for each day in the planner to note appointments and time blocks for the day. You then note in the Goal Tracking section what is scheduled for the day that supports your goals and dreams and whether or not you actually completed that item. It is one thing to block time on your calendar, another to actually complete the goal.

The Goal Tracking let’s you quickly see if your time is being allocated to the goals that are important to you and if you are making progress.

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