Publish a book, course, and webinar in 12-weeks (or less)


Influence: Creation of Credibility

Coaches and consultants must have credibility. The knowledge inside our brains is our product. Customers who purchase a physical product can return it if they are not satisfied.
The service provided by coaches and consultants is "intangible" and cannot be returned for for a refund. This puts the potential customers "on guard". They want to know they are making the right decision to engage a coach or consultant.
Potential clients make a decision to hire a consultant based on their credibility. One of the best ways to increase credibility is through your influence; and a proven method of increasing your influence is to author a book in your area of expertise.
I have created a process to publish a book, online course, and webinar in 12-weeks (or less) which I call the PIP Method. PIP is an acronym:
  • Publish - a book on Amazon Kindle
  • Instruct using an online course to connect your face/voice with a win
  • Promote your publication with a webinar
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