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"Influence: The Creation of Credibility"

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Growing a business is a challenge. Our best customers come by referral, through word-of-mouth. These referrals come to us through our professional networks. In fact, the most effective and efficient form of marketing is business networking.

However, we often need to validate (or "prove") we have the expertise to solve their problem. We listen to them and share out wisdom and expertise. Often (inadvertently) providing a valuable solution before we have a payment arrangement.

This book and free course will give you the tools you need to create credibility and influence by becoming a published author. I give you everything you need to publish a book, online course, and webinar in 12-weeks (or less).

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Become a Published Author in 12 Weeks (or less)

Every day you delay is another day the valuable information you hold in your brain is not available to demonstrate your credibility and increase your influence. Follow these three steps to publish your book, an online course, and webinar!

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