Let's work together. I am a collaborator sitting in the juncture of strategy and execution.

I am a speaker, coach, and mentor who will inspire and motivate you. I work with businesses and individuals across the county.

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I created the Independent Planner. An analog calendar with a unique daily Goal Tracking system. This planner was created specifically for solo entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, and small business owners.

Call on My Experience

Prior to becoming a full-on entrepreneur, I worked in large and small companies in leadership roles which include CEO, COO, and General Manager. I have lived and breathed financial services, agriculture, and manufacturing. I am involved with joint ventures because I believe in the power of networking. I speak on being a Motivational Listener (business networking), Leadership, and Intentional Change. 


Streamline Operations, Mediate Disputes & Ensure Smooth Business Operations for Your Company:

  • Free up valuable time and focus on high-level strategic decisions
  • Make informed decisions with access to the best available information
  • Be prepared and confident in important meetings and decision-making processes
  • Avoid surprises and minimize damage with early identification of problems
  • Overcome internal obstacles to progress with effective dispute resolution and cultural change
  • Ensure accountability and follow-through with effective communication and delegation.

Your business needs a system and method. Let's get started today.

My wife, Christine, and I will be celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary in 2023. We have three children. You may see my bass or guitars on a video call. I love to play music as often as I can.

International Networking: Co-host, Alan Hennessy - 3rd Friday of the month.

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